Better Mortgage Insurance

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What is Better Mortgage Insurance?

Assumption Life's Better Mortgage Insurance provides the clients with the coverage they need to take care of their loved ones’ financial needs and comfort in the event of death, disability or critical illness.

Ideal for
Young Families


Ideal for
Couples Over 50


Better Mortgage Insurance solutions
built to bundle!

Did you know our Better Mortgage Insurance bundles allow you to add all 3 products below in just one application and only 17 questions!

Term Life Insurance

Level and decreasing term coverage are available with FlexTerm

  1. Issue ages: 18-75
  2. Terms available: 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, 30- or 35-years
  3. Coverage: $50,000 - $10 million
  4. Number of questions: 17
  5. Built-in benefits:  Term Exchange Option, Insurability Benefit and Extreme Disability Benefit

Disability Income Rider

Option of disability income based on loan or based on income.

  1. Issue ages: 18-60
  2. Maximum sum insured: $3,500 monthly
  3. No occupational underwriting for amounts up to $1,500
  4. Coverage available for parental leave up to $1,500

Critical Illness Rider

No additional questions, no additional underwriting.

  1. Issue ages: 18-60
  2. Terms available: 15-, 20- or 25-years
  3. Maximum sum insured: $50,000
  4. Number of illnesses covered: 16

Mortgage Protection can be done in three simple steps

Determine Needs

Calculate your clients mortgage balance, personal loans and credit card debts plus any additional expenses that could occur at death with our Financial Needs Analysis.

Build a Bundle

Build a Better Mortgage Insurance bundle that will allow clients to take care of their loved ones’ financial needs in the event of death, disability or critical illness.

Submit an Application

Once both needs and solution have been selected, an application can be completed in as little as 15 minutes with our Lia sales tool. TIP: we also offer a data collection form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My client has a medical history which product would he qualify for?

We have developed a triage tool that combine the medical questions from our extensive suite of simplified issue solutions. The tool will help provide a product recommendation based your client health profile.

The number of medical questions will depend on your age and the answers you provided to previous questions. The healthier your clients are, the more questions you will need to answer (but that's a good thing). Keep in mind this is not an application. The information used in this form is only valid once uploaded into Assumption Life’s electronic sales platform, Lia.

Check it out!

What products are available for Final Expense solutions?

Final Expense solutions are based on finding a product that best fits your clients needs. That's we offer a variety of options listed below (in order of healthiest to hard-to-insure).

  • No Medical Whole Life Plus (Immediate)
  • No Medical Whole Life (Immediate)
  • Golden Protection (Immediate)
  • Golden Protection Deferred
  • Total Protection (Deferred)

Need help filtering which option would be better suited for your client? Check out our simplified issue guide!

Is there medical testing?

Simplified Issue products, also known as “quick issue’’ are processed rapidly and do not require any medical tests. Some cases are approved by Risk Assessment and do not go through the underwriting process. Other cases are sent to underwriting for review (MIB hit, residency status, etc.), where the client will either be approved or declined.

Simplified issue products include (in order of healthiest to hard-to-insure):

  • No Medical Whole Life Plus (Immediate)
  • No Medical Whole Life (Immediate)
  • Golden Protection (Immediate)
  • Golden Protection Deferred
  • Total Protection (Deferred)
What is the underwriting process?

Our service standards our as listed below, however our team of underwritten are among the best in Canada*.

*While this statistic has not been confirmed, it's what our advisors tell us!